Divine Performing Arts is sponsored by Falun Gong

By now it is almost like a yearly ritual. As Chinese New Year is drawing near, Falun Gong is doing a publicity campaign to promote its Chinese New Year gala performance around the world in marquee venues. The advertisement I saw along highways in Chicago calls itself Divine Performing Arts. Divine Performing Arts, what a name.

For unsuspecting Americans who are interested in Chinese culture, the Divine Performing Arts billboard can be attractive on surface but ultimately misleading, because nowhere did it mention that it is a front for Falun Gong. Therefore a number of unsuspecting people who went to the show last year were disappointed, to the point that they left before the show was even over, as mentioned in this NYT article.

Here is something I know, based on personal experience:

  • A good high school friend, who I shared a dorm with, played basketball and joked together for three years, went berserk after becoming a FLG convert, killed his wife, then committed suicide;
  • A good friend’s relative got sick, but refused to take medications, citing that contradicted with FLG belief.

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  1. The first claim is a variation of a well-known “urban legend”, spread by CCP agents tasked specifically to tarnish Falun Gong.

    The second, well, here is one: My good friend’s relative was very sick, but refused to to be admitted to a hospital because he does not believe in western medicine, but prefer to take Chinese herbal medicine instead. He died from this illness subsequently. We should therefore condemn all Chinese herbal medicine to hell because someone believe in it and died as a result??

  2. Bewiser, don’t you think it is a bit ridiculous to say the New York Time runs communist propoganda?

    I don’t like communists that much, but I think it is a bit too much to have torture scenes in Falun Gong’s performance for the Chinese New Year celebration. It is the New Year for god’s sake! I don’t want to see torture scenes! And it is true that you are not honest to people. I was in NYC in a conference last February with American friends and we were fooled into the performance. Can’t you be more honest?

  3. To bewiser and Maya Rock,

    When and how did my high school classmate’s death become “urban legend” and “propaganda”? Speaking of which, drivels from Falun Gong, such as the Epoch Times, NTD TV, and various other publications and pamphlets actually give the CCP’s propaganda department a run for its money! Your sensational claim of organ harvesting, based on information I gathered so far, is a perfect example.

    The billboard I saw didn’t mention Falun Gong, and that was what I wrote about, so don’t bring out the flyers. Speaking of flyers, the one I saw in the past did NOT mention Falun Gong on it. I know because I was tricked first and became interested in seeing the show myself after reading the flyer, and saw the flyer mentioned NTD TV that I’ve never heard of before up to that point. It was only after searching for NTD TV that I realized who is truly behind it. I haven’t seen this year’s flyer, so your comment of “Most of the flyers mention Falun Gong”, using your method of attack, is “propaganda and urban legend”.

    Put the merit of western medicine and Chinese medicine aside, Maya Rock, your argument does not hold water. An individual’s choice of whether or not to take medication, what kind of medication, is his/her own prerogative. However, if such individual’s said decision is based on doctrines, delivered brainwashing style after joining a sect or cult, then I think it is reasonable to hold the cult accountable.

    Now let me borrow your modus operandi, bewiser and Maya Rock, by asking you this. Since both of you are based out of Queensland, Australia at the moment, where Falun Gong maintains a sizable media operation, prove to me that you are NOT part of FLG’s squad that prowls the web, silencing dissent, unleashing personal attacks, and smear people holding a different opinion as spreading propaganda and being brainwashed.

  4. It is so sad to see how many people get hurt by falun gong. An evil cult that has destroyed thousands of people’s dreams. Dreams of what they wanted to originally become but was nt accepted by the falun gong cult. Falun gong brake up relationships of love either because of one partner being of another race or because one is an “ordinary person” like falun gong call all of you who are not a dafa particle (cult member) living in the belly of the master as Li says himself (meaning he has taken care of your future). They believe all the ordinary people are filled of karma = dirty, evil thoughts and bad viruses while they are pure and clean and beyond every-day people. SO falun gong people will tear apart relationships of these issues as well as mixed races. They also always have excuses and defend themselves with saying it is not in the book what you say yada yada instead of every accepting to tal about their sick ideas.. One thing everyone must know is that the book is merely a cover up for the real information of what they should do and how to behave which is published on their website as well as by the assistants around the world (who are apointed by the founder Li) and told at small local meetings.

    Falun gong is a mind-controlling cult. Also thousands of people have died from being convinced through manipulation that they should not continue with their medication. They travel home to other members and sit and read the “book” out loud with the manipulated idea that what they do will spread energy from the words of the book and that will cure the person. If the person then instead dies they simply say either that the person had reached such a high level so he or she could leave them behind and use the situation as a test (said by the founder) or they will say that he or she did not have enough belief so he or she died because the person could not let go of the “attachment” to sickness (also by the founder)… People of falun gong DO die all the time, and the group members make sure to brake up relations htey look upon as improper, people do go astray in life, they live for this cult and work for free for the cults many medias… They cover up with having educated assistants as owners of their medias and businesses but it is Li hongzhi, their founder who decide everything. Everything from name of the medias to exactly what they should do and why. That is part of what they call the law rectification which is the first step. In terms that are physical one shold kow that they have one goal. To ruin the government in China and get the power to Li. Most volunteer workers of course does not know this since they live under the manipulated belief that they will ascend to heaven if they just read teh book every day, get rid of all their attachments and do all the projects their master has told them to do as well as sitting with their little hands up thinking that all people nad creatures in the universe that don’t do them well will be eradicated. However among the assistants some know very well what is going on. It is just anohter simple and evil cult that use human rights to cover up their real identity and get people’s support to keep developing their cult. If you support thier human rights activities you are also ruin people’s lives that follow this evil cult today or will becasue you made it possible for them to keep existing and developing. They even have a school where their children get manipulated into believeing in all those crazy ideas and YES the children also do the free labour work for their so called “master”. Falun gong is NOT and has Never been a part of traditional Chinese believes. Most people in China are normal, nice, decent people, and not some strange evil people using communist ideals or propaganda to kill falun gong people. That is a trick to make you look at something else than what they are really all about! I am not a commnist but I can tell ou falun gong’s control of the members is very close to that of old communism. Don’t mix up your sentimentality of wanting to support human rights abuses. Human right abuses exist in all developing countries today. Don’t exucuse yourself to support falun gong because you originally want to support human rights. There are hundreds of human rights projects in teh world you cna join. Like saving children in Gaza for example. Don’t let an excuse for wanting to support human rights let an evil cult run wild and kill people and destroy the lives of thousands.

    The dance performance they have now is also just a way to manipulate people to bekieve this is a part of the Chinese traditions, it is not! It is pure propaganda. Their founder is behind this as well. He decides who is part of htis project and says iti s not them dacing on the stage but that it is his Fa Shen (his law body, a crazy idea that he has a body in another dimension that is built up of his so called “wisdom”) controlling the dancecrs to dance as he decide. In this was he says that anyone that go to this performance will be saved by him before the rectificatio of the human world will come to use. Examples of the rectification of hte human world are the Tsunami in Thailand that killed thousands of people or Katarina or otehr stors and natural catstophies that are happening now. Those clean away the most dirty people with the most karma he says. The reason they do all this propaganda he tell them is because they must save all people by making them support falun gong otherwise those who do not know about falun gong or do not chose support will be eradicated in a very near future. His goal is to get power in the world by using media and political power in China.

    PLEASE Watch out for these people!!! They are fast in defending themselves and trained by the years to be manipulative and give you smart explanations of any critism. Most of them are just simple victims and defend themselvves reflexory by how they have been manipulated in to say whne you ask them something.

    Help Stop the Evil Cult falun gong everyone, Please!!

    Falun gong destroyed and killed my relation with my fiancée…

  5. To add an idea of what you who really wnt to support human righs can do instead.
    There are about 2 million children in Beijing that has not right to education becasue their parents moved to Beijing from another province without legal papers. In China you cannot move to another part of the county without register. And it is very hard to get a chance fo this. An urban worker makes about 70 US dollar a month. So a lot of people wnat to move to Beijing simply to survuve. But they are not allowed even if they can find jobs there. So whne they arrive the children cannot be registered to any school since they don’t belong to that region. Think if you could not move from Vancouver to Toronto, and if you did your children had to survive on the streets by themselves while you are working illegally. How absurd!

    You also have a lot of Orphanages in China. Adopt a child and give them a bright future. There are many western codctors of Chinese heritage that have broought out reports of how these children are subject to absuse of different kinds. Sexual, medical tests etc. Why not adopt a child instead.

    You also have a lot of famlies who ar farmers, there are riots all the time because of the injustice towards tehm. Who not send an aid of support to them. Join some actual, honest and aknowledged human rights group like Amnesty or Human Rights Watch and give a support of your own choice.

    But what ever you do, DO NOT SUPPORT falun gong.
    Yuo can never support everyone that is suffering in this world or even Chin alone. But you can support someone. Well, think about it.. Who do you really wnt to support. An innoncetn child at a Chinese Orphanage a poor farming family in Xin Jiang province trying to survive, or children living on the streets becasue of bad non-functional policies in China. Yes, all of those are fine to support but to support people of an evil cult who look at you as something dirty under their shoe and not worth their real time unless you help built up their sick organization by your support?
    No, please don’t do that ever!
    Find something sane and healthy to support.
    Someone who actually is Innoncent.
    Thank you, John

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