Really enjoyed the opening ceremony

Wow, what can I say, the opening ceremony is really spectacular! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I watched it live via TV Ants, since the show was not broadcast live on any networks here in the US. Really dumb decision, if you ask me. The downside with TV Ants is that the image quality was not that good, but at least I got to watch it from start to finish.

I then watched NBC edited edition TV earlier, with better image quality. It was nothing short of amazing! That’s the one for history books!


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  1. Hello, Haidong! I just found this blog as a result of your comment over at Jian Shuo’s, and am delighted to discover another source of information about China, and US-Chinese relations, from the point of view of an English-speaking Chinese ex-pat. Consider yourself bookmarked, and I will be back to visit often 🙂

  2. Welcome, Carrol! I’ve been enjoying reading your comments, and it’s good to have you here!

  3. I was so sad when I knew I missed the opening ceremony, because I was on the interview. Later that night, I was glad that they show it on the TV one more time. pheeeww…. Impress of the ceremony!!

  4. I actually enjoyed the opening ceremonies too, on balance – despite my fairly bitchy comments over on my blog. Its interesting to see the differences between NBC’s broadcast and the CCTV one I was viewing: NBC’s is definitely better-edited, and does a better job of giving a sense of the scale of things. (Though my tiny TV may also have something to do with this.)

    Anyway, definitely one for the history books. I was wondering aloud the other day what London could do to top it. My father suggested “Shakespeare. On a trampoline.”

  5. Brendan, I think your post on the ceremony gets this year’s award for most entertaining comment thread. But no, not Shakespeare on a trampoline. Morris dancers. That would do it.

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