Time management

I’ve been self-employed for more than one year now, and feel that there are a few things I need to adjust.

Part of the motivation of self-employment is to spend more time with the family, but that didn’t happen in the last year. In fact, I actually spent less time with my son than before I quit the job. And I’ve neglected his Chinese a little bit. That needs to be changed.

I’ve also struggled with how to best manage my time and routine. During my last full-time job, I had a stack of A4 printout that was no longer being used, and planned my day on the blank side of the paper. I would write down the date on top, scribble down tasks I needed to do that day, as detailed as possible, then prioritize the list by writing a number in front of each task, from 1 to 9, with 1 having the highest priority. I would go through my day based on that list and cross tasks off as I finish them. If tasks didn’t get completed during the day, I would copy that off to the next day. It worked really well for me.

For whatever reason, I’ve fallen off that wagon. I will start doing it again. I also need to discipline myself to go to bed earlier.

Managing schedule is another challenge. Sometimes clients call around the same time. I suppose how to balance that is an issue many of us (independents and/or small business owners) face.

We are also tidying up our condo, and hopefully will sell it soon. A little plug here: it is in a great location, walking distance to Metra, EL, downtown library, cinema, bookstores, restaurants, parks, all that good stuff. Dear reader, if you or somebody you know are interested, send me a note.

I’ve also volunteered for a few things. Accept my apologies here, my friends, for I truly didn’t have time to finish them at the moment. Some got started, but I need more time.

Maybe this is all part of the mid-age thing, being busy and having many things to take care of.

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