Some autumn pictures, 2007

S’more, at Father and Son camping (sleeping in a cabin with bunk beds) night in Morten Arboretum. It was an unusually hot day.

Guys camping night

Camp fire, where we roasted the marshmallow and made s’mores

Guys camping night

Lake Marmo, inside the arboretum, the next morning

Guys camping night

Halloween-themed Jack and the Beanstalk story at a farm

Jack and the Beanstalk

Feeding a goat at a farm. The only thing that was more annoying than the ubiquitous flies were the Bears football announcer and color commentator, blasting through the loud speakers pretty much the whole time we were there. I am sure a lot of people, especially other guys, disagreed with me on that.

Annual farm visit

Trick or Trees at Morten Arboretum. Check out the muscles!

Trick or Trees

Watching the magician perform

Trick or Trees

Our deer friend, within 10 meters of our reach, just finished drinking some water, in a forest preserver in River Forest

Deer inside the forest preserve

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