More book giveaway

The first book I co-wrote, on Sql Server Integration Service, has been translated to Chinese. I have about 10 copies to give away.

The second book I co-wrote, on Sql Server 2005 administration, has been translated to Italian. I have 2 copies to give away.

Last time I gave my books away, I took care of everything. And I sent it all over the world. One copy I sent to India was eventually returned. I remember sending one copy to a reader, whose address was something like “The green building about 200 meters away from the central train station”. I couldn’t remember if it was that copy that got returned. Needless to say, it cost me some money to buy the big padded envelopes and stamps, and some time and effort to carry them to the post office and mail them out.

This time, the book is free, provided you pay me back the postage (envelope, stamp). Or, if you live close by in the Chicago area, we can arrange to meet, and I will deliver my book during the meeting. Only readers who know Chinese/Italian need to apply. Email me your info or leave a comment here, with your contact info and which book you are interested in.

The third book I co-wrote, on Sql Server performance tuning, is forthcoming. Not sure how many copies I will get when it publishes.

By the way, do you know that I am a proud owner of a thriving database consulting/training practice? I specialize in Sql Server (admin, automation, performance tuning, high availability/clustering/mirroring). I am also pretty well-versed in MySQL and Oracle. I’d love to help you out with your database needs, either on-site, remotely, or both.

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