Back in the U.S.A.

We came back from our family vacation the day before yesterday, currently recovering from jet lag. It was an interesting trip, with a lot of things for me to reflect on. I will probably write more about it, time permitting.

Here are a few pictures. (Flickr is currently blocked by the idiotic and insane GFW. Get a proxy to get around it, very easy to do)

At the Ji Village tablet stone:
Ancestor worship

Game of UNO at my parents’ house:
A round of UNO

A park in my hometown:
Park in front of city government

Meal with high school buddies:
Meal with some high school classmates

The world famous 万亩石榴园:

And meal at the Ji Village:

You can see more here, if interested. I will upload and annotate more.

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6 responses to “Back in the U.S.A.”

  1. Yup, I will get to it. Will probably do some technical writing first.

  2. 对。等条件成熟时,把他们接过来在美国玩玩。他们已来美国两次。

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