Some skateboarding and fishing pictures


Skateboarding at Stevenson Park

20070703 076

Fishing at Mom’s hometown in Sweden

Fishing, Lake M?laren

We did the fish showing off thing. Not too sure how I feel about it now. Benjamin caught this big one. He didn’t want to hold it. The carp (?) was then quickly released.

Big catch by Benjamin

This bluegill is one of his first catches ever. He caught it at Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. That was also my first ever fishing experience.

Probably the first catch ever

Man, how time flies. After summer my son will go to third grade. Below is a picture of the two of us in Sweden, before the start of first grade.

2005SwedishSummer1 037

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder if the Net Nanny, also known as the GFW, has anything to do with it. Try a proxy and see if it works.

  2. I double checked. With the exception of the second to last photo, all are shared as public. I wonder if you cannot see all of them or just that single one. I am also curious to know if you can see Katmai screen shots.

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