Some pictures taken on 20060702

Shanghai Nonstop:

Inside one downtown Chicago Metra station

Duck at Shedd Aquarium, behind the glass wall:

Duck at Shedd Aquarium

Benjamin and the duck:

Benjamin at Shedd with the duck

4 responses to “Some pictures taken on 20060702”

  1. Is Benjamin your son? Guess that is what I really am jealous of you ~_*
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have been thinking of taking a picture of the 上海直航 (Shang4 hai3 zhi2 hang2) sign for a few months now, but never got it together enough to have a camera on the odd occasions when I go through that station. Your viewers should know that the sign very large. If you change the contrast in your picture, there may be visible people at the bottom. It dominates the main concourse of one of the main Metra stations in Chicago. I suppose Shanghai has signs with equally large English lettering.

  3. Thanks Kudra.

    That’s right. I guess I need to play with PhotoShop or Gimp. I’ve never edited any of my photos. That can be really beneficial, especially in this case. I’ve also got pictures that are too bright or too blurry that I need to play with.

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