Interesting reading on China, media, and censorship

Here are some links to a few very interesting entries on China, media, and censorship.

Bingfeng has a piece on PBS’ Frontline discussion with his own comment. He updated his entry with a reader’s comment. That comment was from me, so you kind of know where I stand 🙂 By the way, I couldn’t leave my comments on his blog purely because of technical reasons. (Maybe trackback would work?). I think Bingfeng is a Chinese working in Shanghai.

Here is the transcripts of the PBS discussion, along with some participant’s follow-ups.

Here is Wang Jian Shuo’s recount of his BBC interview. To me, it is a very thoughtful write-up and I like it a lot. Wang Jian Shuo is a Chinese software executive in Shanghai.

Flypig, a Chinese college senior working for a business-oriented newspaper based in Beijing, has an entry on Reuters’ reporting of the Chinese blogger hoax. Flypig’s entry is in Chinese. I left 2 comments in English.

Here is BBC’s interview of some Chinese bloggers. I like Kevin Wen’s comments. Kevin is a software executive in China.

Finally, below are links from Reuters regarding the blogger incident. The journalist, if I can call him/her that, apparently didn’t bother to check the facts and didn’t retract the story afterwards. A little bit of irony here, I guess.

Original Reuters’ report
Reuters’ follow-up


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