Connect to SQL Server 2005 using Query Analyzer, osql, and isql

In this post, I talked about some potential permission issues facing average users regarding Sql Server Management Studio (SSMS) reports.

When you manage Sql Server 2000 servers with SSMS, those reports will not be available, for the simple reason that most of those reports are based on DMVs, which are newly introduced in SQL Server 2005 and do not exist in Sql Server 2000.

However, you will not be able to manage SQL Server 2005 servers with Sql Server Enterprise Manager that comes with Sql Server 2000. When you try, you will get this error message:

To connect to this server you must use Sql Server Management Studio or Sql Server Management Objects (SMO)

If you are so inclined, you can still connect to SQL Server 2005 Servers with Sql Server 2000 tools like Query Analyzer, osql, and isql. I’ve tested all three and they all work. That should not be a surprise, if you think about it, since they are all standard database applications.

In addition, the object browser in Query Analyzer works also. However, you will not see all the new views, assemblies, and other newly introduced SQL Server 2005 objects.

3 responses to “Connect to SQL Server 2005 using Query Analyzer, osql, and isql”

  1. Hi can u give an example of connecting server databse from query analyzer?

  2. I am trying to connect to a SQL 2005 server with my SQL Query Analyzer 2000. I am trying to connect Windows autenticated. I am a Windows local admin on the SQL2005 box, the SQL Server still has the Builtin Administrators group present and I set upa a SQL login (Windows Authenticated) on that SQL 2005 SQL Server with the sysadmin role. Still, I cannot connect to the 2005 server from 2000 Query Analyzer.

    You were kind enough to point out that you once connected to a SQL 2005 server with 2000 Query Analyzer. What more must I do to connect?


  3. Not too sure about this one Bill. I probably need to see it to help you out on this one.

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