Wawa Yaya is great

I talked about Muzzy Chinese program in this post. It’s a great program. We loved it.

Another children’s Chinese language material I recommend is a game series called Wawa Yaya. These games are very interactive. All characters speak great Mandarin Chinese and they talk a lot, which is good if you want your kids to learn Chinese. The game, music, and interactive activity help to get your little ones engaged. It is also educational in that each game focuses on one particular area, such as painting, music, reading, math, etc..

Another good thing is that the graphics are done using DirectX, which is part of Windows. So no installation is required on the computer. Pop in the CD and it will start playing.

If neither of the parents knows Mandarin Chinese, then it may be somewhat difficult in the beginning. But overall, it is not difficult to figure out how it works. Plus, the game interface is pretty consistent, so once you know how to get around in one game, it is not difficult to play others.

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  1. I’ll be looking into this if I can get this page translated. I can speak a little mandarin but have forgotten how to read. I was looking for reviews on the Muzzy program and found your blog. I’m chinese but my husband isn’t so she’s used to hearing only english. I’ve been looking for electronic toys that will teach mandarin words but have not been able to find anything except for a doll called Language Littles Ling.

  2. It does have a very simplified site in the US, where I assume you can buy the software. Here is the URL:


    As I said, I do recommend it. And I highly recommend Muzzy Chinese, if you are serious in teaching your princess Chinese.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi. I found your blog while Googling for Muzzy Chinese.
    I’m just about to order Muzzy but was interested in looking at the games you mentioned. Are you able to translate any of it, perhaps find a supplier for the UK?

    I was thinking that they were a little advanced though, I don’t speak any Mandarin (yet) and my Nan left China when she was 17 and doesn’t remember any Mandarin so she can’t help!


  4. Gavin,

    Sorry for the late reply. I did look that site again the day you commented and should have replied earlier.

    I didn’t see any supplier in the UK on their site. They do seem to have one in the US, http://www.wawayaya.us, which I mentioned in my previous comment.

    Both Muzzy Chinese and WawaYaya are geared toward children, but I suppose they can help adult beginners too.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Muzzy is great for my Daughter(s)
    I am going to look at options for adult learning now though as Muzzy is definately for children 🙂

  6. I purchased Muzzy for my 3 yo gson and he loves it and is extremely well learning mandarin…I also purchased Walker and Ping Ping although this has become really too basic. I have tried to find WawaYaya and followed your link but it doesn’t take me to the US site. If you have any further info on where i might purchase this item in US I would surely appreciate it

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