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  • Recommendations for a good file sync program on Windows?

    In Linux, you can use rsync to synchronize files in multiple directories. I am looking for the equivalent in the Windows world. This is my user case: 1. I have a usb flash drive to carry files around; 2. I have fixed number of directories on a Windows machine from where I save and edit […]

  • 64-bit, virturalization, and their impact

    VMWare recently released a freeware called VMWare Player that can play a pre-built virtual machine file. A virtual machine is an OS bundled with whatever the virtual machine creator put there. This is perfect for people to test-drive various operating systems and software, without going through the hassle of installing themselves. VMWare currently provides virtual […]

  • Problem: Fedora Core 2 as Virtual PC on Windows

    Today I tried to install Linux as a guest OS on Windows Virtual PC. I got Fedora Core 2 late last year during a training. So that is what I tried. I picked “Other” OS and created a new virtual disk. Installation started and I picked Graphic mode installation. The Anaconda hardware probing processing started. […]

  • Vista, SQL Server 2005, AJAX, and Web 2.0

    Ken’s question made me think about Vista’s impact. Virtually all Microsoft’s products depend on the win32 API, so I wonder how much of change can Vista make? In other words, if Vista breaks win32 API calls, the cascading effects it has on other products like SQL Server, Exchange, BizTalk, Office, etc., would be tremendous. It […]