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  • Eclipse PDT PHP Web Application Run Configuration

    I had some trouble setting up Run Configurations in Eclipse for PHP (PDT plugin). Here is my note for future reference. Machine: Ubuntu 15 64-bit, with Eclipse Mars. sudo apt-get install php5 installed apache2 for me, so no additional web server install is necessary. Enable userdir mod: sudo a2enmod userdir Your /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/userdir.conf should look like […]

  • Convert Excel file with hyperlinks to CSV

    It seems the venerable file format CSV (Character/Comma-separated values) never goes out of style. According to CSV wikipedia page, IBM Fortran started supporting this format in 1967, before many of us were born. CSV has been with us, through thick and thin, silently but steadfastly, ready to spring into action when duty calls. For sure, […]