Category: Technology

  • Determining if a Windows host is a VM in JiMetrics

    I’ve been using my own SQL Server metrics collection package called JiMetrics for a couple of years. It is easy to set up. All you need are just two things: SQL Server instance and an account that has admin access to both the servers and instances you care about. JiMetrics doesn’t do anything that will […]

  • Setting up ownCloud

    I’ve spent some of my spare time lately researching on ways to have better control of my calendar, contacts, important files that I sync to different places, and such. My objective is to move those things away from big cloud providers like Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Skype, and so on. I am happy to report that […]

  • Useful code snippet for Python list fold/reduce

    Going through one of the MOOC courses, I came across a homework problem that I solved with one of Python’s list reduce functions, any(), throwing in an interesting functional programming twist. I save it here for my own reference. I won’t mention which course this is, lest I give the answer away to one of […]

  • Fixing WordPress comment email notification problem by installing sendmail on Debian

    In the past, whenever a reader commented on a blog entry, I would receive an email notification. Ever since I moved this site to a Linode VM, I noticed the comment email notification stopped working. Alas, blogs are not like what they used to be back in the day, now that so many people have […]

  • Introducing JiMetrics

    For the impatient, here is the link to JiMetrics web site, where you can get the scripts and get going. To learn why it is called JiMetrics, you will have to read all the way to the end. During the last couple of years, I’ve been working with health care related BI data warehouse, running […]