JiMetrics now gathers SQL Server startup account

During the last few days, I’ve refactored JiMetrics and added a new function:

  • Used Pester to create more test cases for PowerShell functions I wrote;
  • Enhanced the design and code so JiMetrics also gathers SQL Server instance’s startup account, which can be useful.

If you don’t know what JiMetrics is, go to this page to find out. It’s is a tool that uses SQL Server to gather important SQL Server metrics in your enterprise. No additional software install, no registry change, no files to copy and move around that pollute your system, it only uses SQL Server, which you already have and it just works! It has been pretty useful to me and my co-workers. JiMetrics is open source and free to use. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I will keep improving this. My next objective is to play with SQL Server 2014 column-store and see if I can convert the collection database tables to column-store.

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