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A few months back I created a wiki site for Chinese/Foreign names (people, place, objects) translations, where I wanted to collect names rendered differently in different eras and different regions. The primary purpose is to aid research and history reading, so public participation and suggestion is welcome. I will add more entries there because I’ve got two great books recently: one is Frances Wood’s “The Lure of China – writers from Marco Polo to J. G. Ballard”, the other is 张西平’s “跟随利玛窦到中国”. I bought the first one at the British Library in London, and acquired the second one at Chicago Chinese Cultural Institute’s bookstore in Chinatown. (Note, after doing a search at Douban, it seems 张西平’s same book has an English version. Interesting! I think I will check his/her other books as well. We seem to have similar interests, judging from the title of the books)

I used Dokuwiki as my wiki software, and spent some time making it to my liking, but didn’t document my process. I am currently doing a little father-son project and needed to set up an internal wiki. This time I want to document the main steps for future references. If it helps anybody else, man, that will be icing on the cake!

1. For template, I like Dokubook, because the sidebar navigation;

2. To get sidebar navigation working, creating navigation.txt file with something like this:

* [[Project1:master|Project 1]]
* [[Project2:master|Project 2]]

in the text body and save it under wiki/data/pages diretory

3. Use CAPTCHA plugin to fight spam. Take note that when you uncompress the tar ball file, it will be uncompressed with an awfully long directory name. You need to rename that long name to something short like captcha in order for it to be available. I learned this the hard way, after being spammed for a few weeks!

4. Once captcha plugin is enabled, you can adjust its settings at the wiki’s configuration page. Currently I picked “Text (manual only)” as my type and it seemed to work all right.

That’s it for now, I am already late for bed. 《四世同堂》is waiting…

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