Tidal wave watching / 钱塘观潮

双语博客. My first attempt of writing the same thing in both English and Chinese. It is pretty time-consuming. English version is in the second half below.





Watching the tidal waves / 钱塘观潮

While in Hangzhou last August, my dad suggested we go see the tidal wave. I knew it was a bad idea, because we didn’t know where exactly it was, how to get there, and the timing of the wave. Because of a fight the previous day, I didn’t want to explain anymore.

So, typical of the Ji clan, my parents, my brother’s family, and us headed out in the early afternoon. My better half was a bit under the weather, hungry and tired. But I wanted to create a happy family together image, so I dragged her along. She didn’t have a good idea of what was going on then. That was really my fault, I should have explained better.

After more than two hours of driving, we finally arrived around 5:00pm, and were faced with the cruel reality that the wave wouldn’t come until 11:00pm that night. The park charges admission before 6. So it was decided to have an early dinner. That plan was soon canceled because the food there were too expensive. Disappointed, we decided to head back right away. Thanks to my better half’s persuasion, we changed mind, bought the tickets and entered the park.

So we can say we’ve seen the tidal wave. You can appreciate all its glory through the background of the picture. While I was taking that picture, my better half sat on the stone steps wiping away her tears. She thinks it is hilarious now, but I assure you it was not fun then.

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