Moon cakes of 2007

Like Prince Roy, I don’t like Chinese moon cakes during Mid-Autumn festival. This year, we got the following instead:

Our moon cakes: cappuccino mousse, chocolate cheese cake, and tiramisu

They are cappuccino mousse, chocolate cheese cake, and tiramisu for me, our son and my better half respectively. Notice they are all round and tasty.

Speaking of tasty stuff, would you like to try some of this? We got the following picture around the famed Yu Garden in Shanghai.

Ovary and Digestive glands of a crad

Hmmm, dumpling stuffed with the ovary and digestive glands of a crad, absolutely delicious. Let’s just say that is my vegetarian better half’s most favorite dish. (No offense. We just think this is hilarious.)

Happy belated Mid-Autumn festival, everybody. I am working on entries for our family vacation in China. I think I will write in Chinese, with English annotations for pictures.


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