No edit in DOS on Windows 64-bit

I’ve been working with 64-bit SQL Server 2005 laterly. I just finished setting up a 2-node SQL Server 2005 cluster with SP1 on AMD 64-bit processors with Windows 2003 R2. 64-bit is really sweet.

Anyway, I guess the venerable DOS editor named edit is not ported to 64-bit machines. I figured this out when testing sqlcmd on a 64-bit machine.

As described earlier, the default editor for sqlcmd is edit. However, when you invoke it on a 64-bit machine, you get:
‘’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

See instructions here to set the editor to something else. I guess Microsoft should really change sqlcmd editor to Notepad, which works on 64-bit Windows.


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