It’s a funny feeling

I normally read books on my train ride to and from work. Today I brought my book to Chipotle on Lake and Franklin. And read it after a Fajita Steak Burrito.

The book I am reading is in Chinese. It is a memoir of Li Ao, a very unique writer, commentator, legislator, and TV personality in Taiwan that I borrowed from Chicago Public Library. Li Ao has been a political prisoner twice in Taiwan, but that didn’t seem to change him. He is funny, self-assured (some would call boastful), and full of interesting ideas. And he is a great writer. I don’t agree with him all the time, but his writing is entertaining and provides me with some history lessons on Taiwan after the civil war in 1949.

In the 20 or so pages I read during lunch hour, he talked about the different perspectives he gained as a prisoner on time, space, friends, enemy, and women. I was so engrossed in it that when it was time to leave, the first thought came to my mind was: where am I and why do people around me speak English? It lasted probably for a few milliseconds, but it still amused me a bit. It almost felt like I am still in China, and my more-than-10-years life in the US never happened. I guess reading can truly bring you to a different world:)

I think I will always bring a book to lunch from now on;) I will write my Chinese reading in a future post.

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